Welcome to the Planet (featuring JPJ)


This tune, originally a lark, features the amazing stream-of-consciousness intellect of my kid sister, Janet, aka "JPJ." Born with a series of genetic challenges, this lady has a brazen affinity for a microphone. She rattled off all the rapping in this song without any preparation, pre-developed lyrics or guidelines. She just goes hard until it's time to stop for lunch (which occurred an hour or so into session) at which point gustatory indulgence is mandatory. We laid it down in the month of May around the times of Earth Day and Mother's Day, which she found inspirational. I threw the chorus hooks in later to complement the verse truthing. Scott laid down the tasty Bootsyesque bass line, the rest is big brother.



(touching base with the mothership)
(touching base with the earth)
I feel it, I feel it, I feel it...
This is for all the mothers
This is for the king of the earth
Come on, all the creatures on this earth
Come on, come on now
Save our spirit world
'cause this is what it takes to D-I-E
I said I feel a groove and I hear it all around

Janet, welcome to the Planet JPJ
(touching base with the mothership)
(touching base with the earth)

Oh yeah, get in your jeans and hear them coming 'round
They're in your pants, like ants in your pants
like fire in your pants
Oh yeah, come on
not the good, not the bad
but sometimes it has to be either way.

Some animals are pretty, some are ugly
I don't see why they are, but really they are pretty sometimes
They just have to be good
It's about the world
It's not just about money, world too
And I'm just going to get you like this
And don't you see it like this?
'cause seal it like this
Like, through the lips like this
Under the glove, I mean just the real stuff

The stuff that makes you who you really are
Keep your skin, but don't be racial
Just remember, it's all about you
and what I'm really trying to do is
Save it, save it, save it
And I'm just gonna get you like this,
'cause this is how it goes
You can make your own movies
without all the stuff that they put in movies
You could create your own special effects
like using your own stuff, that you have
in your own studio, like my brother

About those things that fly around, oh yeah
Like them germs...