This number finally put a song to the chorus which had been steeping in my consciousness since a trip to Montreal a decade or two ago. Sometimes it takes a while for a song fragment to re-emerge as a whole. This is my vision for the impending plutocracy, which threatens to widen the gap between the elite haves from the masses of have-nots. This is the same crew that played on Gossamer Heart - Rob F, Scott and John Lynch, and yes "cowbird" is intentional.



Holding court in the penthouse suite
We're the ruling elite in the cowbird seat.
High above all the sorrow below
it's a beautiful glow, from the status quo

I feel I'm spinning
out of control
I'm in the backseat
while the scenery scrolls
just like a cartoon
'til I finally explode
Then I dust myself off and start over again

Trickle down all the crumbs of cake
The decisions we make, like a ripple in a lake
Making sure that we've had our fill
the excesses will spill out the sides of the till