Somebody Stop My Mouth

Ever witnessed yourself saying something absurd, patently false, or just plain stupid? Sadly, that can be my world and this is a song about such social verbal regrets. I wrote this one mowing the lawn a few years back. I get to play fake jazz while Morgan Davis and Olly undergird the lament.



He's been around
ever since I was a little one
Telling tales
to keep me from harm

He's always there
to explain the contradictions
between my word and deed
from time to time

I'd come to rely
on his kind of protection
Never a charge
he could not deny

He was so smooth
with his tearful explanation
You'd never see
the twinkle in his eye

Somebody stop my mouth
He double-crossed my heart
with all the lies he said
He walked away from promises
he left for dead
I guess he forgot
he's just a hole in my head

Then came a time
when my heart felt
full and wonderful
I couldn't keep
my feelings inside

Then he came along
and he built a wall
surrounding me
and left my heart
a victim of his pride