Rocket Science

Originally a knock-off song to test out my then-new digital recording gear, able assistant Paul insisted I take this song more seriously and put it on the record. Turns out, he was right. This is my kid brother Jason on drums while I time-shift the bass parts, guitars, keyboards, vocals, and yes, tympanis. As tempting as it would be to locate, rent, transport, tune and oh yes, learn to play real tympanis, I wussed out and used samples. Shout out to Bjork's use of same on "Human Behavior" as we chronicle the challenges and giddy potential of love.



When it works, it's a wondrous thing
Soaring through the stratosphere and gravity's cling
Moving forth through your heart's desire
All eyes above as the vessel goes higher

But when it fails it's a fiery doom
Lighting up the sky with a horrible plume
Littering the earth with human debris
A spectacular disaster for all to see

I can't think of a metaphor for what we've got
There's really no comparison to a moon shot
We're relying on fractions
to keep the vessel true and headed through
the heavens and beyond

And love's a little like
Rocket science, gravity defiance
Rocket science

Up above in this tiny ship
Heaven's reinforce we're a miniature blip
As the stars cast a warming glow
leaving earthly worries on the planet below

But calculations even slightly amiss
a misplaced digit is fate's last kiss
All of the systems that life sustains
Surrender to the hubris of a human reign

With all of our dreams fulfilled
Inspired by infinitudes where angels dwell
We are part of a greater whole
Singing sweet duets as we surrender our souls

But Newton's laws, unforgiving in scope
Human versus mass can overwhelm all hope
The same forces that hold us tight
Can turn against us in a horrible blight.