This album's sole foray into Electronica, using a program called "Reason" from Sweden, my 12.5% motherland. This features all digital sounds, except vocals and chorus guitars. I didn't use any loops, so I just programmed each piece, including the bubbly chirps, the squishy synths, the drums and the keys. I didn't use reverb on the vocals, rather, I just sang the melody 19 times (including two tracks of whispers), which gave it an ethereal sound. P.S., it's about the paranoia fueled, liberty revocations of the post 9/11 world.



We're on the verge of a new revolution
Try not to get freaked out
We're gonna tinker with the Constitution
and shake a few things out

But I know there are people who are too nostalgic
to say goodbye to the past
That's why we're offering an ultimatum:
Suck up or watch your ass

Believe it or not, it's a long shot
but we do what we need to survive
All in all, it's the only game in town

We're not aware of a blind spot
So don't bother sniffing around
Darkness awaits those who try to spread the light

We're on the brink of a top down mutiny
Don't act so surprised
Prepare for token scrutiny
from brothers in disguise

But I know, there are people who are just too cynical
to believe in the news
That's why we listen to your conversations
in case you refuse