Looking for Love

Ahhh, the album's closing number, a painfully confessional tome on my romantic entanglements, written years ago during a particularly miserable mud-stuckening in my emotional nadir. Still, I hope I managed to provide some levity to the subject, while distancing myself from the insipid Little River Band's song of the same name. The buddhist monk moans at the beginning were me, recorded when I had a particuarly bad chest cold and could do the low moans a few whole steps lower than in good health. The bridge lyrics I'm particularly proud of and the bombast that ends the song over a lengthy 3 minute span demanded this song be the closing tune. The chirps at the end were inspired by the weird flying insects in "Pan's Labyrinth," one of my favorite films of all time. Morgan played the amazing drums, Olly played bass (though I wasn't able to get him over to sing his beautiful backing vocal part) and Rob Flewell played the guitar riffs of the first verse and the Boston/Lynyrd Skynyrd solo at the beginning of the outro. I did the keys, all the vocals and the chorus clangy guitars. P.S. I'm not looking any more.



I know what's wrong
I fall in love too easily
and what's more
I realize to late

I know what's right
but only in terms of history
it's all a mystery
until it's said and done

another clue...
I'm attracted to complexity
it's a magnetic rhapsody
which I cannot resist

The warning signs
they creep up on me slowly
and then, holey moley,
they stick like crazy glue

Yeah I'm looking for love
instead of letting it find me
Please don't remind me
the things I've done for love

Yeah, I'm looking for love
with no sense of direction
with no self-protection
so my heart is easy prey

Without a pause
the brain begins to whisper
but is quickly overshadowed
by the screaming of the heart

and just like that
I'm swept into the whirlpool
and feeling like a sure fool
I'm swept right down the drain

Oh no, here comes that funny feeling
my heart is so revealing
at the crowds peer through the open ceiling

Oh no, there goes that crazy notion
I drink deep from cupid's potion
like a straw in the middle of the 'lantic Ocean