(Judge Me By My) Hairdo

In this age of superficiality, shouldn't we have a right to be judged by who we really are, namely by our hair styles? Wrote this at the end of the 90s. I got to lay down guitar, keys and vocals on top of the super solid rhythm beast of Dan and Olly. Friends Joel Byrd and Bill Newton added brass, saxes and harmonica. Wanted dynamic diva Emma Davis to sing backgrounds, but the poor dear was larygectally recuperating, so I had to falsetto it m'self.



Pay no attention to the things I'm saying
or the kind of riff that the boys are laying down
Don't even listen to the notes and rhythms
That's the kind of thing we do just to mess you up

Judge me by my hairdo
or don't judge me at all
Judge me by my hairdo
'cause I'm an individual

Pay no heed to the brand I'm drinking
or the clothes I'm wearing (what was I thinking?)
You gotta look beyond the superficial
if you wanna know me for who I truly am

Slicked back, Jet Black,
Come on check out my attitude
Shaved head, dyed red
Get a load of my style
Mohawk, Dredlock
Come on check out my fashion statement
Blow dried, deep fried
Come on baby, go ahead and check me out

Never mind about my social station
or if I'm down with the coronation*
And don't even ask about my religion
'cause I know how to look like I'm deep in thought

*originally penned during the George W. Bush Presidency